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5 Fun Housewarming Gift Ideas

5 Fun Housewarming Gift Ideas

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Check Out These Housewarming Gift Ideas!

~Personalized Doormat: A new home deserves new goodies. Kick it up a notch and give your hosts a fun personalized doormat. Be silly, elegant or straight forward, chances are they will love it!
  • Visit here for some options
  ~Restaurant Gift Card: Let’s face it, no one wants to cook dinner after the strain and stress of moving. Besides, who could find a pan!? Give the gift of convenience that your hosts will appreciate during that crazy unpacking period.
  • Check out this online gift card mall
  ~Toolkit: A tool kit is one of the most practical and perhaps useful housewarming gifts to give. For new homeowners it is especially useful since they may not already own one. For homeowners moving to a new home, it may be useful for them to have more than one set that is designated just for the home and/or for a specific area.
  • Amazon has a wide range of options
  ~Plants: Okay so it’s a little cliché, but a houseplant is a simple and wonderful housewarming gift that provides color, a touch of home and certain plants even clean the air indoors. I recommend a spider plant as they are low maintenance, beautiful, and the white flowering plants can also be clipped to grow baby spider plants.
  • Check out your local nursery or visit a nearby home improvement store
  ~DIY Gift Basket: That’s right! Grab a cute basket or bin and fill it with things you believe are useful. Maybe use a theme such as: Using an oven mitt filled with wire whisks, wooden baking utensils, measuring spoons, and maybe a favorite recipe or two OR a cleaning tub with handles filled with “Green” cleaning products such as toilet bowl cleansers, natural dish soap, and even earth-friendly detergent. The sky is the limit here, just use your imagination and personal experience!
  • Hobby Lobby is my favorite source for creative supplies and Honest.com has some of the best all-natural earth friendly supplies.

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