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Featured Vendor Q&A: Dahl House Design, LLC

Dahl House Design LLC Logo In the past hiring your own interior designer was something only the wealthy could afford, but not today! Read: Featured Vendor Q&A: Dahl House Design, LLC and learn some helpful tips. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with an interior designer who owns her own business, Dahl House Design, LLC. Owner Christa Grover began her design career after graduating from Arapahoe Community College in 2009, earning her Associate of Applied Science degree in Interior Design. After working in various design positions, she opened her own business in 2012 and has never looked back. Coming from a family engrossed in the construction industry, Mrs. Grover is very in tune with how the process works from start to finish when dealing with the design of a home. We were able to do a little Q&A session with her and this is what she had to say:
  • Q.) What kind of projects do you work on?
    • A.) I do as little or as much as the client needs from a simple paint/ design consultation all the way up to designing and managing remodel projects. I also help many clients with space planning and purchasing furniture. I will do retail shopping, and selections, and also have great vendors for 100% custom design.
  • Q.) What is your typical price range?
    • A.) I work two ways: I have a design fee for helping clients with the selections ranging from $75.00-$ 2,250.00. If I end up doing the remodel I have a management fee ranging from $825.00-$3,750.00.
  • Q.) What is a typical budget for the following?
    • A.) Kitchen Design: $8,000.00-$40,000.00+
    • A.) Family Room Design: $5,000.00-$10,000.00+
    • A.) Bathroom Design: $5,000.00-$30,000.00+
    • A.) Deck/Patio Design: $2,000.00-$40,000.00
    • A.) Furniture Design: $2,000.00-$30,000.00+
  • Q.) What is the “in” style today in your area?
    • A.) I am seeing more Modern Eclectic styles but I do anything because the client drives the project
  • Q.) What was your favorite project? Why?
    • A.) This is a difficult question because I really do enjoy them all, because everyone is so different and it’s such a fun experience making selections. I also really enjoy, and am proud to say, it’s fun to became friends with my clients as they start to really trust me, and we have a great time together. I have clients call me anything from their favorite designer to their “Designer Doll.”
  • Q.) What happens if the end design result isn’t what the client envisioned?
    • A.) I work with the client through the entire project. They are very involved with selections so the project becomes their baby, so to speak, so they are as proud of the end results as I am.
  • Q.) What’s one fun tip for interior design you can share with clients?
    • A.) It’s so fun to break out of your shell and start putting new designs in your home that you would never have picked on your own, but in the end it’s your favorite part of the whole experience.
  • Q.) Why do clients love working with you?
    • A.) My clients love working with me because I am very open and communicate everything to them, and make sure they understand and are completely comfortable with what we will be doing. I also make sure I am at the job site every day to check on the project and to make sure the crews do not have any questions. When we get on a job it is important to me to focus on that one project until it is done. We do not jump from one job to another each week, we stay until it’s done!
  • Q.) Respond to this: “Hiring an interior designer is too expensive, only well-to-do people can afford something like that.”:
    • A.) I would say I would love to sit down with them because yes designers can be expensive, but I am not. I have saved my clients a lot of money with remodels that could have gone bad with other contractors, to helping them make the most cost effective decisions. My goal is to keep the cost down as much as we can. To do this so we do things like look for granite remnant pieces, or shop around for different material to get the best price possible.
So there you have it! Interior designers can take your vision and make it become a reality, and that’s just what Dahl House Design, LLC is able to do for their clients. Mrs. Grover takes the time and care needed to make sure her clients are served from vision to inception, and save them money in the process. Why not give a professional interior designer a chance? The things we see on HGTV don’t have to be a dream any longer with today’s affordable interior designer options.   To Contact Christa with Dahl House Design, LLC: Phone: (303) 995-7796 Email: Click here to visit her website Or visit her on Facebook and!

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