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Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

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Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

Staging can be a very important process in the sale of your home. Too much clutter, an unkempt appearance or even an undefined space can make or break the sale of your home.

Here are some tips to make sure your potential buyers get the best experience during their showing.

1.) Clean!
  • Yes, it sounds simple but having your home nice and clean is essential to the comfort level of the potential buyer. Dirt and clutter can make your home less welcoming and potentially cost you a sale.
2.) Add some touches that pop!
  • Add unique centerpieces to your dining room table, add flower pots with blooms at the front door entrance, mow the lawn and retouch peeling or faded paint. These little details add appeal and beauty to your property and make it more attractive to the potential buyer.
3.) Define each space!
  • If you have a junk closest, room with boxes of clutter and excess furniture, or a room that can’t be identified as a specific space, you need to improve it! Define the space: Is it an office? Or do the extra pieces of furniture scream storage space? Add recognizable pieces of furniture applicable to the space such as a desk, chair, bookcase, etc. so the potential buyer will be able to recognize the space and make an informed decision.
4.) Neutral really is best!
  • If you have bright reds, vibrant blues, and eye catching yellows in your house, you may consider transitioning to a softer neutral color such as beige. Here’s why: The potential buyers may not have the same taste as you, and having a neutral color palette will make it easier for them to make the space their own and see it as it would be if they were to live there.
5.) Pet Odor Destroyed!
  • Yes, we all love our pets, but sometimes we become noseblind to the odors our pets may give off. Other people may be able to smell these odors and may be turned off by them or even suffer from allergies. Make sure you thoroughly clean carpets and furniture that can absorb these smells, open windows to let fresh air in, and deodorize problem areas.

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