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The History of Bullfighting

American Bullfighting

Bullfighting: From the Romans to the Americans – The History of Bullfighting

A rodeo ain’t a rodeo, unless you have bullfighting! And did you know that bullfighting can be dated back as far as Roman times with similar events taking place with Roman Gladiators? Back then it was a big crowd pleaser where ancient athletes would “dance” with bulls during rituals where they would move in circles, charge and leap over them. Bulls were also used extensively in mythology.

Later in the 18th and 19th centuries bullfighting spread throughout the Iberian Peninsula and France to became a sport of talent in places like Spain where matadors would wave the now famous “muleta” or red cape to attract the bulls, and turn the “blood sport” into an art form.

Today, modern bullfighting can be seen all over the world, including the United States, and has become a popular sport of the daring. You can see Freestyle American Bullfighting at its best right here in Weld County every year at the Greeley Stampede, featuring Bullfighters such as Nathan Jestes and Evan Allard who frequent the rodeo circuit every year, as well as locals such as Dustin Konig from Eaton, CO.

The thrill of watching an 1,800 pound bull charging towards the brightly colored and nimble rodeo athletes, definitely provides the perfect adrenaline rush one might want, at a safe distance. If you haven’t been to a Freestyle American Bullfighting event, GO! It’s an amazing show & I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Click here for information on the history of Bullfighting or visit the Greeley Stampede site for information on American Bullfighting.

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