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Why Real Estate Should Be Handled By The Pros

Why Real Estate Should Be Handled By The Pros

Why Real Estate Should Be Handled By The Pros

Buying or selling a property can be a tedious job, especially with the new real estate rules and regulations, constantly changing market demands, and piles of paperwork. Licensed real estate agents are required to complete 160 hours of schooling, as well as pass state and federal exams with specific scores in order to become licensed. In addition to all this coursework, agents are also required to take annual and quarterly classes to keep up to date on the most recent legal and state changes. This education, coupled with an agent’s expertise in his/her field gained from experience over the course of years is why it’s always best to let real estate be handled by the pros.

Below is information we have compiled some information from our agents on why they believe this is true.

Why Real Estate Should Be Handled By The Pros

~From The Pros~

Brokers provide guidance and protection through the transaction by utilizing their experience and expertise. They are better informed as to the path of a transaction, who to contact when, and what types of things to watch out for. More importantly, licensed real estate agents have knowledge of the market so clients are protected from buying too high or selling too low, knowledge of county practices and codes, and how to handle transactions specific to a type of property (land, residential, agricultural, easements, etc.). –Trevor Thiel

Brokers are better equipped to handle the real estate process as they have experience negotiating prices, additional provisions, and understand title issues such as easements, right of ways, dry up covenants, etc. Negotiation is the hardest thing to do and one on one interaction can be very stressful and a buyer or seller without an agent to suit them may not be able to get what they want/need out of a property contract. –Tammy Ellerman

Brokers are usually paid on performance rather than by the hour. In other words, the client only pays commission if the transaction closes. So you know the Broker is working only for what is in your best interest. –Greg Smith

Brokers keep the entire process moving smoothly . The real work is behind the scenes after the contract is written (i.e.: lenders and title requirements). Also, listing with a real estate company typically gives you more exposure to the public across many different types of media including print, electronic (website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+), and physical such as open houses. –Tomm Owens

Real Estate agents have been trained to review title work to look for and research items such as previous liens on the property which could be detrimental to closing the deal. –Chad Wahlert

Due to the changing market pricing, laws and practices (which can be state, county and city specific),  as well as the numerous ins and outs of contracts/disclosures/title work/etc., it is always best to hire a licensed broker to help you navigate through the real estate process. Not only is it their job to understand the intricate workings of the entire process from start to finish, but by utilizing their experience and expertise chances are incredibly high they will save you money, time, and the risk of potential legal issues that could arise from the improper handling of transactions in the real estate transaction.

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